Our personalized sessions provide students the opportunity to cover material at a pace and style comfortable for them. 




Each student we see is unique in their personality and the way they learn. Some students need to  push past self-limiting beliefs with our gentle support, while others look to be challenged and encouraged to reach their full potential. 
Understanding these differences allows us adapt our tutoring to meet each student’s unique style of learning. It allows us to match a student with a tutor who we feel will complement their learning needs. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to realize their full potential and gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to be successful in the classroom and beyond.


THE GAME PLAN: At the beginning of each one hour session, our tutor and your student will discuss and map out the 'game plan'. This is the ideal time to lay out goals and ensure the tutor and student are on the same page regarding the expectations for the session. Parents are invited to offer any additional feedback or expectations to the tutor during this time.
GETTING TO WORK: Together, working at your student's pace and geared towards how he or she learns best, our tutor will help your student review and understand the assignment(s) at hand. Whether it's covering a homework assignment, proofreading a paper or ensuring a student is ready for an exam, our tutors will ensure each student leaves feeling confident and at ease. 

THE WRAP UP: At the conclusion of each session, our tutor will ensure that all set goals and objectives for the day have been addressed. If a parent is present, our tutor will briefly discuss what took place during the session, including constructive observations and feedback. We want all parents to feel involved in the tutoring process. 


Our Pledge is based on the principles that we were founded on.  These principles are grounded in honesty, integrity and putting forth a service that will bring about positive change in each student we see.  We pride ourselves on and pledge to hire only the most qualified local tutors. Our number one goal is creating that perfect match between tutor and student. We pledge to create a positive learning environment free of judgement and one that is conducive to students of all ages and learning backgrounds. We pledge to provide superior customer service. From our tutors to our front desk team, you will always have a professional and friendly resource to answer your questions or provide you with advice. Finally, our last pledge promises that if any student feels like the session wasn't helpful or wishes to work with another tutor, we will be happy to provide you with a new tutor and credit your account one complimentary hour. We are committed and pledge to our customers 100% satisfaction.  

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