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The most important thing to know about test preparation is that excelling on an exam takes more than just knowing the material, just like excelling at public speaking takes more than just knowing the right words.

Alongside knowing all the material, standardized tests and AP exams require test-taking strategies, time management skills, organization, and emotional strength. Our process goes beyond teaching the subject matter to teach your student all the skills necessary to master the test. 

The best part about our process is that all of our tutoring is one-on-one. This approach eliminates the social pressures that often hold students back from admitting confusion or difficulty. Each student will receive the attention and guidance needed to succeed come test day.


ASSESSMENT(S): The test prep process starts with a benchmark practice assessment(s). This practice assessment is a realistic, retired released test (SAT/ACT) or a test that closely aligns with whichever test your student wants to prepare for.


SCORE & ANALYZE: This assessment is hand-scored and reviewed by a member of our team, usually the same day.


REVIEW & PLAN: Whether it's the same day the assessment is taken, or on a day/time more convenient for you, our staff member will sit with each student and family and review the results. During this meeting the following will be established:

  1. The test your student has chosen (for those preparing for the SAT or ACT)

  2. A set goal and target score

  3. The desired test date

  4. A test preparation program that fits you and your student best

During this meeting we also gather additional, vital feedback from your student: How does he or she learn best? Where have they struggled in the past? Based on this conversation, we match your child with the appropriate tutor we feel he or she will connect with best.


SCHEDULING & SESSIONS: When scheduling test preparation sessions, please be aware that each session will last approximately two hours. The first hour is one-on-one learning with a test preparation tutor. During this time, our tutor will cover specific test strategies your student needs to build confidence, reinforce understanding, and reduce anxiety. The second hour, students will test in the content area that was covered during the tutoring hour to apply newly learned test strategies in order to measure progress. Typically, students will schedule sessions twice a week. To balance school, work and sports, we recommend one session during the week and one over the weekend. We offer later sessions to accommodate those with sports or other after school commitments.

MEASURING PROGRESS: In order to ensure each student is making progress, students are highly encouraged to schedule full length tests every other weekend at our center. These tests will be scored, and the results will be reviewed to make sure each student is on track to reach their target score. 

SCORES & FOLLOW-UP: We have the history and numbers to prove that we help students reach and even exceed their target scores!  Once scores are released a member of our staff will reach out to discuss results and determine any next steps if needed.


We have been fortunate enough to build a strong reputation on superior customer service; a fantastic team of tutors and results have solidified our reputation as the go-to test preparation provider in the area.


Our students not only report improved results, but students and parents alike report a boost in confidence, improved math and verbal skills and less anxiety in their child. The average student reports an increase on the SAT of 50-100 points per section.  The average student reports an increase of 3-5 points on the ACT.


Even more, students often mention that they ENJOY coming in for their weekly sessions and working with their tutors. We must be doing something right!  Need more proof? Check out some of our students' recent testing achievements below! 



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Increased her ACT score

4 points!

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