"I Never Dreamed About Success. I Worked Hard For It."

--Estee Lauder 


Check out some of our students who worked hard for their success.

We are so pleased with Liz's ACT scores and the support she received from Homework Helpers. Your genuine care and concern of her performance was not only evident in your daily encouragement when Liz would take practice tests or work with tutors but also in the follow up phone call after taking her ACT. It was a highly positive atmosphere created by Josh that lead to such a successful outcome. 

Nancy Suhr

I would like to thank the staff and owner of Homework Helpers for helping me achieve many academic and college oriented goals this past year, especially for my ACTs. The first practice ACT score I ever received was a composite of 22. I am so excited to say that I recently have received a 29 on the actual ACTs that I will be sending to colleges. Homework Helpers developed me into a thoughtful and hard working student and test taker. From my actual ACT test in June to the test in September I raised my score my 4 points.Thank you again for everything.  

Nicole Smith

Just wanted to give you guys an update on the SAT... I was thrilled with the results.  I bettered my previous score of 1880 by 180 points to a 2060. I was shooting to get a 2000 the second time around, and thanks to you guys I was able to exceed my expectations. 

Reid Ricordella

There are not enough positive things I can say about Homework Helpers. Their exceptional tutoring and kindness allowed me to achieve a higher SAT score than I could have ever imagined. In using Homework Helpers, I raised my score 270 points. The entire staff is very relatable and equally qualified. They genuinely care about each student, and personalize each lesson to accommodate your learning style. With their tutoring, I was able to get accepted to my top school, Marist College, which I will be attending in the fall. I am  grateful for the support I received.

Victoria Valentino

In only two months of summer tutoring, my husband and I already see a difference in our son's 6th grade math skills and his attitude towards learning.  Our concerns were addressed and our tutor could not have been more pleasant.   We've experienced other tutors and centers, and we find the service and results to be superior at Homework Helpers!

Kathy R.

I would like to thank Homework Helpers so much for preparing me for the SATs! Specifically, my tutors Deanne and Terry were absolutely amazing at teaching me strategies, giving me confidence, and prepping me for for the test. Additionally, the whole atmosphere at Homework Helpers that Josh has created was always so encouraging and everyone there is really invested in each and every student who walks through the door. I raised my SAT scores to where they need to be for my dream college and have Homework Helpers to thank for it!

Brielle Lisa

Thank you for all of your help and support on and off throughout Lexi's middle school and high school years.  Homework Helpers is such an amazing resource and we are so fortunate to have all of you here and readily available.  You willingness to change schedules, find a tutor on short notice, and help in so many ways was always appreciated.Thank you again and we will keep you posted with a college decision!

Tracy Mixon

Wanted to give a big shout out to Josh and everyone at Homework Helpers in helping my son achieve his target score on his ACT's. What an awesome place!

Kerri Mudryk-Gaskill

So very thankful to Homework Helpers. They were instrumental in boosting my sons ACT score by 8 points. They are very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend their services.

Traci Lorenz

Thank you for all you have done for me these past couple of years. You treated me like a sister. I sent in my official deposit to Moravian College for Early childhood Special Education. Thank you for believing in me when I didn't. You helped me reach my goal and I am very thankful!!

Mollie Miller

We wanted to share the good news that Scott's ACT score just came in from the October test and he got a 31!!! That's up 3 points from his score of a 28 in September. Scott is beyond relieved, as are we! He thinks a 31 will get him into most of the schools on his list right now as well as some honors colleges and/or very nice merit money. You know we think so highly of Homework Helpers. Keep up the great work!! 

Sue Begane

We can't thank you enough for all the help and support Andrew received during his ACT tutoring. He was able to raise his ACT score by 7 points! Every tutor he worked with was fantastic and everyone there truly cared about his success. The encouragement and tips he received brought his confidence level way up and definitely helped him achieve his goal.

Dina McKernan

Thanks to the excellent tutors and staff at Homework Helpers, my daughter has been accepted at every college to which she applied! Besides the increase in her test scores, the push by the owner and staff to be diligent with her lessons kept her on track at just the right pace so that she could do as well as she could on the tests, so THANK YOU Homework Helpers!

Mark Stingle

Josh and the Homework Helpers team were a true gift for our family this year. Their enthusiasm and support made a huge difference for my  3rd grade  son. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Nancy Kelly

As a mother of a student at Homework Helpers, it was important to find a tutoring center that gave my child the attention he needed. Homework Helpers has exceeded my expectations. His grades on assignments and tests in Math and English have improved so much that his teachers have commented to me their amazement in his quick progress.

Janice McDonald

I cannot thank you enough for all your help in preparing me  for the October SATs.  I would never have been able to have done so well if I had not come to Homework Helpers.  I'M ECSTATIC! My scores were well above my previous scores and I owe it all to you- thank you!  I have already referred some friends and will continue to spread the word about how amazing Homework Helpers is.  You guys are the best!

Sam Miller

I've been meaning to write to you all but time has been escaping. Just wanted to pass along thanks and gratitude to everyone at HH. We cannot say enough great things. We purchased a 12 session ACT prep for our son Michael. All of this prep helped him increase his score by 8 points to a 32! I believe perfect ACT score is a 36? He's getting accepted to all colleges he's applied to so far. Thank you very much for all of your hard work and dedication!

Scott Brown

We've had the benefit of a few tutors... most recently Kaitlin, who is outstanding.  In fact, everyone has been excellent.  As you know, Tyler is already a very good student, but taking advantage of the teaching pros at Homework Helpers gives him an advantage and an extra resource when needed for test preparation. I'd highly recommend Homework Helpers for all types of students!  You've been very professional, very accommodating, and it's been worth every penny.

Greg Sansone

Homework Helpers helped me so much on my SAT.  Thank you to Josh and all of my tutors.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Homework Helpers to improve my SAT scores.  My hard work paid off and my SAT score raised 200 points!  Even though I was preparing for my SAT, my math and reading skills improved, as well. Thank you so much!

Kimberly Stanford

A big thank you to Josh and my ACT tutors at Homework Helpers.  I raised my ACT score from a 19 to a 27!  I now have plenty of college options now.  You guys rock!


I cannot thank Josh and the staff at Homework Helpers enough, especially Christine, Cristina and Amy! I improved from a 26 to a 29 on the ACT with only a few weeks of tutoring. Because of the one-on-one help and time my tutors took to make sure I understood each problem, I was able to relax and actually have fun while figuring out math problems. Not only did my score and skills for taking the ACT get better, but my confidence improved as well.

Jennifer Weippert

Great news! I just received my January SAT scores and I'm happy to report I raised my score a combined 390 points!  I will be taking it again in May and will be seeking more help.  See all of you soon!

Brittany G.

I just received my May SAT scores and i'm proud to say I went from a 1710 to a 2060! I'm beyond excited!  Thank you for your patience and dedication in helping me reach my goal of over 2000! I'll be back to prepare for finals.​​​​​​

Tim F.

Homework Helpers made all the difference for me when it came to the ACT and SAT. Their tutoring program and practice testing helped me jump from a 29 to a 33 on the ACT. My SAT jumped from 1900 to 2050. Because of Homework Helpers, I have many more opportunities for scholarships at the colleges I am interested in.

Tommy Dyer

We used Homework Helpers to prepare our son for the ACTs. I firmly believe that their program works! From the first practice test to the actual ACT, my son’s score improved by 5 points. The quality of the tutors was excellent and Josh and staff were all invested in my son’s success. The kids have to put the effort in as well, but if they do and trust in this program the results can be excellent!

Ursula Berg

As you know my daughter Janine was struggling to pass her last two parts of the Elementary Education Multiple Subjects Praxis exams for Social Studies and Science. She had taken them three times before and came close to passing, but now in her graduate year we were fighting a deadline so that she could get accepted into her graduate year. That’s when we hired Homework Helpers. We had one week to study and pass the exams. She passed both exams. Not only did she pass but she passed in the upper 10% of all who took the exam! She was so happy she was in tears calling me from the parking lot of the exam center.

Thomas Beesley

We could not be more pleased with Homework Helpers. We have 3 children who have all utilized the amazing services at Homework Helpers. The staff is amazing, the tutors are so helpful and I would recommend Homework Helpers to any family seeking SAT/ACT prep, homework tutoring and/or Guidance with any educational needs. Congrats to Josh and his staff for creating such a wonderful service for our community.

Antonelle Family

I just wanted to say that I think I did very well on my college placement test today and thought it was easy. I was placed in Calc 1. I wanted to thank Joel and Alex for all their help.

Joey R.

I can't speak highly enough about Erica, my 3rd grade sons tutor at Homework Helpers of Long Valley. We came there because my son was struggling with reading and math.  He has made tremendous progress! Her warm personality and ability to relate with him has made all the difference. 


Thank you so much for all that you have done for me! You all created a welcoming environment that allowed for a better learning experience. My SAT and ACT scores improved because of all the help that I received.  Overall, I feel a sense of accomplishment in knowing that my hard work paid off.

Logan Radley

Homework Helpers increased my SAT scores incredibly! I am very grateful for the time and effort they put in to making sure that I understood the material. I enjoyed my time at Homework Helpers a lot and am continuing to enjoy the rewards of our hard work!

Lindsay Severud

I was highly impressed with the staff and atmosphere at Homework Helpers.  Josh helped my son realize the importance of  getting good grades and its implications for college and the future.  My son started with going once a week for math and now attends for help in Spanish and Science!  I'm very grateful. 

A Much Happier Mom!

As you know, when we first came to Homework Helpers of Long Valley my daughter wanted to be anywhere else but there.  After two months of tutoring with Alex in math , I saw not only improved test grades, but improved confidence in school. My daughter actually asks to go now.  Alex has been a great role model to her as well.  Thank you to Josh and Alex for your help.  See you at our next session! 

Beth M.

My son Ferris Berg worked with your tutoring team to improve his ACT scores last year. He ended up with a super scored 33. Just this past week, he committed to play lacrosse at Colorado College! An amazing school and perfect fit. His skill on the field got him a look but his strong scores and transcript secured that spot. I am so thankful for the support he got from your team.

Mrs. Berg

Thank you for everything you have done to provide me with the material to succeed. Ever since I was a kid, I knew where I wanted to go to school. There is even a photo on the wall of my dwelling picturing me in the shirt of my college choice at just eight years old. When I first came to you guys and discussed my situation with Josh, I had realized my dream school had been out of the picture because my grades and scores were below the requirements to attend. But Josh had such high hopes and remarks for me. As I sat in the chair, I had realized "how am I supposed to succeed if I don't believe in myself like Josh believes in every student that walks through those two old, beat up doors?" From that day forward, my expectation and belief of my capabilities jumped astronomically, Academically, my junior year was the best in my high school career due to the Homework Helpers staff. My GPA had increased by 0.3 and my SAT scores improved over 210 points. Suddenly, the light at the end of the tunnel began to appear. When division 1 schools asked for my GPA and SAT scores, I handed it to them with joy. You guys not only changed a number on a piece of paper, but molded my life for the better. Thanks to Homework Helpers, I will go on to compete for the number five Division 1 wrestling program in the nation, Cornell University. To say I am going to attend an Ivy league school alone brings joy to my life and I'd like to attribute that joy to Homework Helpers of Long Valley.

Lewis Fernandes

You're the BEST of the best!! I was truly embarrassed at my age to need help in math, but John was patient and kind. He not only explained my questions he made sure I understood and was comfortable with the concept before we moved forward. Thank you all for always being there.


Hey guys! Aliviah passed her assessments and moved onto 7th grade! Thank you all so much!

Olivia Cezmedia

​We wanted to pass along that Ben got a 95% on his college math final. That is by far the best grade he's ever received in math in his whole life. Thanks again for the assistance!

A Proud Parent!

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