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Hello! We're so glad you've taken a moment to explore Homework Helpers Tutoring. Whether our services are for you or your child, our hope is that as you explore our website, you'll get a sense of who we are, what makes us unique and how we can help learners of all ages reach their full potential!


In 2011, Founder Josh Goodkin opened the doors of Homework Helpers with the goal of making a difference and impacting students in his hometown community, our home, Long Valley, New Jersey.  Built upon Josh's tutoring experiences growing up, both attending sessions at chain tutoring companies and private tutors coming to the house, he's worked tirelessly to create a company that embodies the positives of both experiences, while adding a more personal touch.  From our welcoming and comfortable environment to our careful selection and training of some of the best educators throughout the area, we're proud of what we've built: a community of learners of all ages and a second home for many students each school year.   


Josh Goodkin

Nearly 12 years after our founding, what began as 4 tutors in a small space has blossomed to 40+ tutors and two buildings.  Our burgeoning business is now local, national, and even global, seeing students in-center and virtually anywhere there's a WIFI connection.   


We’ve come a long way, but our mission has and always will remain the same: tutoring with a small-town touch, a helpful hand, and a friendly smile. We look forward to welcoming you to the Homework Helpers family! 



Since 2011, our highly regarded team of tutors and staff have helped students achieve better grades and improved confidence, all in a welcoming and supportive environment. 

We see ourselves as far more than just a tutoring company, but as an extension of your family.  We serve not just as tutors, but as role models, cheerleaders, listeners and pillars of our community. 


The Little Things that Make a Big Difference.

The Match

There's nothing more important to us than a student leaving with a smile on their face.  We take every step to make sure we find a great tutor match for each student we work with.  We will then follow-up periodically to make sure things are going GREAT. 


Our tutors will cover material at the speed and learning style that works best for the student. We will go through course material, work through examples, incorporate study skills and leave the student confident and ready to succeed in the classroom! 


From our fun 'Instagramable' tutoring rooms, to the motivational signage

around the center, we want students to feel comfortable and at home.  Our snack station provides students brain food and our friendly staff will greet you upon entering!


Hard work pays off! Students are invited to choose a reward from our prize case when bringing in a better grade! Our test prep. students can win laptop,  tv and gift cards in our annual contest!  This is all part of our aim to boost confidence and recognize hard work.


Experience the convenience and personalized approach of our tutors who bring customized learning straight to your door. With our in-home tutoring services, our child can thrive in a comfortable and familiar environment. Our experienced tutors are experts in their fields, delivering tailored lessons that cater to your child's unique learning style and goals. From math and science to languages and more, we cover a wide range of subjects to meet your child's academic needs.

Learn More!


Offerings that Appeal to Learners of all Ages and Backgrounds.


For students looking for a quiet place to do homework or classmates looking to study together, join us nightly.  Computers, printers, WIFI and a rotating tutor available to answer questions are provided. This is a great option for students easily distracted at home. 


From learning to read and write to Calculus and Accounting, our hour-long interactive sessions are meant to strengthen skills, improve understanding and leave students ready to be successful! Regardless of the students age, level, or area of focus, we have you covered! 


Are you or your child feeling anxious about an upcoming standardized test? Whether it’s the SSAT or ISEE, SAT or ACT, GRE and more, we can teach you the skills, strategies and time management skills to do your best on test day.  


Which college is right for you? This is just one of the questions we'll help you answer.  Our customized advising services keep students on track and organized while giving parents the peace of mind of an experienced coach to guide their child from start to finish. Let us help you! 


Our Pledge is based on the principles that we were founded on. These principles are grounded in honesty, integrity and putting forth a service that will bring about positive change in each student we see. We pride ourselves on and pledge to hire only the most qualified local tutors.  We pledge to create a positive learning environment free of judgement and one that is inclusive of all students.  We pledge to provide superior customer service. From our tutors to our front desk team, we promise that you will always have a professional and friendly resource to answer your questions or provide you with advice. Finally, our last pledge promises that if any student feels like the session wasn't helpful or wishes to work with another tutor, we will be happy to provide you with a new tutor and credit your account one complimentary hour.

We are committed to 100% satisfaction.  


When Homework Isn't Getting Done AT HOME,
Send Them HERE.


The Homework Nook is open to students of all grades. With supplies, laptops, Wi-Fi and printers available for use, the only thing missing is YOU. 


The Homework Nook is for individual students to study and complete assignments and for small groups to meet and collaborate on projects or prepare for tests.



The Homework Nook is a cozy space filled with individual workspaces for solo students and large  tables for groups. It is open for use, Monday-Sunday.  Please call to inquire about availability and pricing. 


Why not have a space outside the comforts (and distractions) of home to complete homework and study for tests, both by yourself and with a study group of friends. 



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