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The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and American College Test (ACT) are both multiple-choice exams meant to assess college-readiness and predicted academic success. Admissions officers at two- and four-year colleges and universities use these scores to compare students across different high schools. While these tests are far from the most important part of the application, a good score can make the difference when it comes down to admitting you or another academically comparable student!

We have been fortunate enough to build a strong reputation on superior customer service; a fantastic team of tutors and results have solidified our reputation as the go-to test preparation provider in the area.


Our students not only report improved results, but students and parents alike report a boost in confidence, improved math and verbal skills and less anxiety in their child. The average student reports an increase on the SAT of 50-100 points per section or 3-5 points on the ACT.


Even more, students often mention that they ENJOY coming in for their weekly sessions and working with their tutors. We must be doing something right!  Need more proof? Check out some of our students' recent testing achievements below!

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"I sent two of my children to Homework Helpers for SAT tutoring. Both children saw their scores improve by over 150 points. Josh, John, and the crew run a tight ship-- they are engaged, encouraging, professional, and offered multiple ways of solving problems. More than that, my teens actually liked the experience and went into their SATs relaxed and confident. I highly recommend Homework Helpers!"

"Many thanks to Homework Helpers! Our children have utilized both Homework Helpers’ SAT Prep Services, as well as their Tutoring Services with very positive results. The tutors have been excellent, having both in-depth knowledge of their subject areas, as well as the ability to transfer that knowledge in a way that “sticks” with each child. Homework Helpers is swift to try to accommodate your needs, very easy to work with, and clearly strives to be customer friendly and to provide excellent customer satisfaction. I highly recommend them!"

"I can't say enough great things about Homework Helpers. The staff is so professional, and Josh is super impressive! We found ourselves in a tight situation, based on the dates of the SAT and had no choice but to take the June test. After ONLY two and a half weeks of tutoring and cramming for the SAT, my daughter's score went up 130 points. My daughter's goal was to increase by 70 points, Josh thought otherwise! He definitely soared higher, told her to hunker down, no friends for two weeks and it worked! She almost doubled her goal score! Thank you so much Homework Helpers! Phenomenal place! We will be sending many students your way!"

 "Absolutely amazing experience! They really helped me work through the equations and practicing and I got my goal grade on the ACT first try! Josh and Rachel are great and really help you in comprehensive detail, and work our whatever issues you may have! Best experience ever!"

"A big thank you to Homework Helpers! Cannot say enough good things about this place. The tutors are excellent and staff is very helpful. We have done ACT prep with two children and both increased their scores by 5 points!"

"Josh and team have been fantastic in summarizing the ACT process, coordinating tutoring sessions, offering scheduling flexibility during the Covid period, and running informative learning sessions. Great value for the cost. Highly recommend it!"



No penalties for guessing

Score Choice and Super Scoring 

Optional Essay



3 hrs without Essay
3 hrs 50 mins with Essay

Reading: 65 mins (52 Questions)
Writing and Language: 35 mins (44 Questions)
Math No Calculator: 25 mins (20 Questions)
Math Calculator: 55 mins (38 Questions)
Essay (optional): 50 mins

Total score range: 400-1600

The Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and Math sections each use a scale of 200-800 and are combined for a total score.

The optional Essay uses three separate scales of 1-8 and does not count toward your final score.


2 hrs 55 mins without Writing
3 hrs 35 mins with Writing

English: 45 mins (75 Questions)
Math: 60 mins (60 Questions)
Reading: 35 mins (40 Questions)
Science: 35 mins (40 Questions)
Writing (optional): 40 mins

Total score range: 1-36

Each section uses a scale of 1-36. Your total score is the average of your four section scores.

The optional Writing section uses a scale of 2-12 and does not count toward your final score.




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