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With more and more schools declaring themselves as "test optional," meaning that students are not required to submit standardized test scores as a part of the application process, some students are contemplating skipping the testing process altogether. While this can sound tempting at first, the reality is that "test optional" does NOT mean "test blind." The more admissions counselors we talk to, the more we learn that test scores are still a VITAL part of college applications, ESPECIALLY when it comes to financial aid and scholarship opportunities. 


Admissions counselors consistently emphasize that while the submission of test scores may no longer be mandatory, they still play a vital role in the evaluation process. SAT and ACT scores provide admissions officers with a standardized metric to assess a student's academic abilities and potential. They offer a benchmark that allows colleges and universities to compare applicants from different educational backgrounds and assess their readiness for rigorous coursework. 


Furthermore, the significance of test scores becomes even more pronounced when considering financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Many institutions utilize standardized test scores as a factor in determining merit-based scholarships and financial assistance packages. Exceptional SAT or ACT scores can often serve as a determining factor in securing substantial financial aid, reducing the financial burden of college tuition, and enabling students to access higher education opportunities that may otherwise be out of reach.

As an extra incentive, we offer a range of enticing rewards, including cash prizes, brand-new laptops, and even cutting-edge televisions! With three distinct categories to compete in, there's a chance for everyone to shine: Hardest Worker, Most Improved, and Highest Score.

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Read what parents and students have to say about their experiences with our dedicated team of tutors. Their inspiring stories and heartfelt testimonials showcase the transformative impact our tutoring programs have had on their academic journeys.

Tara Baumgarten

I highly recommend Homework Helpers. My children have been working with them for three years, and we can't say enough good things about them. From the management team to the tutors, everyone is extremely professional, accomodating and adapts their style to the individual needs of each student. My kids' grades have improved noticably as has their confidence in math.

Sharyn Scarafile

My 6 year old actually loves going to Homework Helpers which is rare for him to enjoy tutoring. His teachers are absolutely amazing and I really appreciate the time they take with me after each session to explain what they did with him. It’s also very helpful that they both give him games/activities to do at home. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

Ruth McCurdy

Many thanks to Homework Helpers! Our children have utilized both Homework Helpers’ SAT Prep Services, as well as their Tutoring Services with very positive results. The tutors have been excellent, having both in-depth knowledge of their subject areas, as well as the ability to transfer that knowledge in a way that “sticks” with each child. Not only has Homework Helpers provided SAT Prep Services and high school Tutoring Services for our children, but they have gone far beyond that, accommodating a need for tutoring services for several college courses. Homework Helpers was able to provide experienced tutors for Calculus and Differential Equations, as well as for Dynamics (an Engineering course). Homework Helpers is swift to try to accommodate needs, very easy to work with, and clearly strives to be customer friendly and provide excellent customer satisfaction. I highly recommend them!

Richard & Larissa Cole

Amazing! Mr. Ken (math teacher) was able to get my son to understand math and overcome his challenges in a way that nobody was ever able to do before. The staff is always friendly, helpful and the teachers are top! Definitely recommend.

Theresa Mitrenga

Looking for a personalized tutoring option that provides results? Homework Helpers Tutoring, LLC is the choice! We tried other ‘box’ tutoring schools but did not get the personalized attention for our son that he needed. Through a highly recommended referral, we tried Homework Helpers for his SAT prep and Josh and his team offered a customized program aligning the right Math and ELA experienced tutors to fit our son’s personality/needs that provided results. It was the first time that he looked forward to attending tutoring sessions! Homework Helpers is extremely accommodating, flexible and has a relaxed atmosphere offering one on one personalized attention while motivating their students. We were very impressed with their tutoring model, offerings and as such, would highly recommend them.

Proud Parent

Homework Helpers really helped our son with his ACT test prep. He went from worried to prepared and ended up with a fantastic score! Great tutors, solid advice and guidance. Everyone is wonderful there. I definitely recommend them! Thank you, Homework Helpers!

Kate Padewski

Homework Helpers did an amazing job helping my senior achieve a 32 on the ACT. He moved up from a 30 to a 32 with just a few sessions (and no studying on his own....). We are so pleased and will use them for the our next 2 kids!

Jennifer Nord

​Over the past few years my son has gone to Homework Helpers for tutoring in English, French, and SAT prep. Every single one of his tutors has been professional, kind, and knowledgeable! They were also so flexible when it came to our schedule with having virtual and in-person sessions as needed. My son has scored As in his classes and did wonderful on the SAT. His tutors taught him strategies and logic that have helped him in this difficult junior year. Thank you Homework Helpers!
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