Our Results Speak for Themselves...

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Meet Emily and Annalise Caulfield- two sisters who both share an incredible work ethic (kudos mom and dad) and because of it, not only have impressive ACT scores to show for it, but now have scholarships and significant financial aid to thank for it!

The Caulfields will SAVE $23k/year when Emily goes off to college in the fall. Annalise, who is right behind her and just scored a 35 on her ACT, hopes to have the same success!

With more and more schools declaring themselves as "test optional," meaning that students are not required to submit standardized test scores as a part of the application process, some students are contemplating skipping the testing process altogether. While this can sound tempting at first, the reality is that "test optional" does NOT mean "test blind." The more admissions counselors we talk to, the more we learn that test scores are still a VITAL part of college applications, ESPECIALLY when it comes to financial aid and scholarship opportunities. 

John pictured here, is living proof of that. Through consistent effort and unmatched dedication, John raised his ACT score a whopping TEN POINTS- and his success has been recognized by not only getting accepted to his top schools, but receiving numerous scholarship/aid offers!

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Check out some of the AMAZING schools our students have gone to:

Baylor University

Brown University

Bucknell University

Clemson University

Coast Guard Academy

College of Charleston

Cornell University

Dickinson College

Duqesne University

Fordham University

Franklin & Marshall College

Gettysburg College

Hofstra University

Lafayette College

McGill University

Montclair State


North Carolina State

Northeastern University

Notre Dame University

Penn State University

Penn State University

Purdue University

Quinnipiac University

Rensselaer Polytechnic

Rowan University

Rutgers University

Sacred Heart University

Susquehanna University

Swarthmore College


Temple University

University of Delaware

University of Georgia

University of Miami

University of South Carolina

University of Tampa

University of Tennessee

Villanova University

Virginia Tech.