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The Special People Who 
Make Us Who We Are.


     ou've made it to the page where we introduce you to our AMAZING team.  From our front desk staff who will answer your questions, schedule you and welcome you on day one with a smile, to our friendly tutors who are ready to make an impact, let us introduce you to the people who make us who we are.

Our team of 40+ best-in-class, vetted tutors work with kids of all ages to help them achieve their scholastic potentials, retain knowledge, increase confidence, receive higher scores on exams, and gain admittance to the best schools! Finding the right tutor match ensures that students excel in school, have a deeper understanding of the coursework, have increased confidence overall and learn valuable skills from an elite group of hand-picked tutors—skills that will carry them through school, college and beyond.



When You Think Of the Perfect Tutor, 
What Qualities Come to Mind?


Personable, kind, friendly, smart, patient, maybe even funny! Whatever qualities you're looking for in the perfect tutor, we're certain to have a tutor to meet those unique needs.  

All our tutors understand the demands of a rigorous curriculum and the value of collaboration with parents and classroom educators. Upon request, we provide weekly progress updates so that you’ll always know how your child is improving. Most importantly, our tutors identify each child’s specific learning styles and needs and help them use their natural strengths to attain academic success, reach personal goals, and gain confidence as independent learners.


Sometimes it's helpful to match a face with the voice you're talking to on the phone or the first person you'll meet on Day 1.  Please say 'hello' to our team, from our center manager who will be your point person and voice of reason, to our client coordinators here to answer your questions and provide you with superior customer service. 

Rachel Flajsing

Center Manager


Julia Signorelli

Client Coordinator


Paula Schul

Client Coordinator


Rachel Flajsing

Center Manager

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen, can change the world.”

Malala Yousafzai


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