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Are you the LeBron James of tutors? Are you looking for a great opportunity to tutor students around your time? Perhaps we are the perfect match! Homework Helpers strives to hire only the best tutors who embody all the qualities we look for in a successful tutor: strong communication skills, patience, a friendly personality, and a passion and strong knowledge in a specific subject(s).


We offer a comfortable work environment, flexible scheduling and a great way to make extra money around your time. Teaching certification is preferred.


A passion for helping students succeed is a must!

Why Work with Us?

Convenient, flexible hours!

Set your own schedule- tutor as often as you'd like!

We're home-grown

If we had to pick just one word to sum up what's important to us, it's "community."

Teach YOUR way

At Homework Helpers, we do NOT operate on a one-size-fits-all model- we know that students and teachers are individuals who need the freedom to learn and teach the way that works best for them!



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Fluency, Decoding, Reading, & Math


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Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, PreCalc, Calculus, SAT/ACT

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Reading Comprehension, Literary Analysis, Writing Skills, Research Papers, SAT/ACT

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Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Geology

High School Math

High School English

High School Science


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Job tasks include: answering and making calls, scheduling, filing, interacting with students, teachers and parents & more. Please no high school students. 

Client Coordinator

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