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Homework Helpers Happenings!

Here at Homework Helpers, we believe that being a good student or educator entails SO much more than the work that takes place inside the classroom- it takes a strong and loving community for children and parents alike to truly thrive. Homework Helpers Happenings seeks to highlight the students, parents, teachers, and tutors of the greater Morris County area and the amazing community we have!

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Wedding Bells are Ringing!

Congratulations, tutors Courtney and Jenna, on their recent weddings! We wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness.

Paying it Forward

Have you noticed the boxes that sit above our fireplace and wondered what they are for?

For the better part of 3 years, these boxes have served as a chance for parents and students alike to give back when completing a transaction. At the end of every year, we match the dollar amount of the tokens in each box and send each organization a check!

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Pencils of Promise's mission is focused on building schools and increasing educational opportunities to those in underserved counties around the world! Please visit to learn more about this amazing organization!

The Long Valley Junior Woman’s Club is a group whose mission is to enhance the lives of those living in Long Valley through projects that include senior citizen lunches, coat drives, food pantry drives, scholarships, read-a-thong, blood drives and move! Visit to learn more or get involved!

Keynote Fundraisers

Our first annual Tutors vs. Students fundraiser was a SUCCESS! Tensions ran high from start to finish as the two teams battled it out through a nail-bitting 9-inning game, with Team Students ultimately proving hat while Team Tutors may have the edge in academics, they sure have a lot to teach about athletics! The evening was filled with tons of fun, lots of laughs, and of course some AMAZING food generously donated by our sponsors, Phil’s Pizza and Dunkin Donuts Long Valley.

Most importantly, we raised a grand total of $300 for No Kid Hungry, our selected charity that aims to provide a meal for every child in need. We are so grateful to be part of a community that is so supportive and giving! 

Homework Helpers families helped raise over $2,000 during the month of October to support breast cancer research and education!


Making the Most

2020 was certainly not the year we'd all hoped for, but especially for our high school seniors. We couldn't replace the missed opportunities, but we could  give them a special sendoff! 

You're On Your Way!

Lights, Camera, INTERNS!

Check out our inaugural class of summer interns! 

These four were behind the scenes get ready for the fall while taking on exciting new initiatives such as:

1) Students vs. tutors kickball fundraiser
2) A weekly virtual teen night 
3) and more to come!

Jenna Cooley: Brown University 
Kai Koop: West Morris Central
Hailey Onweller: West Morris Central
Nitya Patlola: NYU