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  • How long is the GRE?
    The full test is 3 hours and 45 minutes long. There are six sections, with a 10-minute break following the second section. Verbal Reasoning (2-3 sections), 30 minutes each Quantitative Reasoning (2-3 sections), 35 minutes each Analytical Writing (2 essay topics) 30 minutes each One of the sections—Verbal or Quantitative—is experimental and doesn’t count towards the score, but test-takers are not told which of the three sections it is.
  • How many times can I take the GRE?
    Students can take the GRE up to 5 times in a year, with a minimum of 21 days between tests. You must retake the entire test, not just a section. Because the most competitive graduate programs require top scores, you should leave room in your schedule for at least one retake.
  • Where/when can I take the test?
    View test centers, test dates and seat availability. Note that if you would like to register to test, you will need to create or sign in to your ETS account.
  • What is a "good" GRE Score?"
    A “good” score varies depending on the program, but applicants should try to score at least in the middle range of accepted students. Many schools have minimum GRE scores. Of course, the minimum score is just a starting point, and most students need to score much higher to gain admission.
  • When should I start studying for the GRE?
    As soon as you’ve decided to apply for a competitive graduate program, preferably several months in advance, take a diagnostic test to get an idea of your starting point and how far you are from your goal. If you require a score increase of more than a few points on each section, you should plan at least a few months to prepare.
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